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IPEV Investor Reporting Services (Coming from Q4 2012)

The International Private Equity and Venture Capital Valuation Guidelines Board (“The IPEV Board”) released for comments on April 4, 2012 its Draft Investor Reporting Guidelines (IRGs) for Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds, which were requested by the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association as an update/revision to the EVCA Reporting Guidelines. The official IPEV IRGs are expected to be out in the fall of 2012 once The IPEV Board has reviewed and incorporated in them the comments from constituents that they have received and the EVCA has endorsed them and when that happens the EVCA Reporting Guidelines will cease to be in force and will be replaced by the new IPEV IRGs.

We have created this service to help you with the transition from the EVCA/BVCA Reporting Guidelines to the new IPEV IRGs.
The reporting package will include a complete set of reports fully compliant with all the requirements/recommendations of the IPEV IRGs. Advice is also provided to help you adapt them to the specific needs of your fund, as the idea of them is, as proclaimed by David Larsen, an IPEV board member, “to provide essential disclosure principles, yet they allow for flexibility in how information is reported, because funds differ in their structure and focus, reporting guidelines must accommodate differences among funds while ensuring comparability of critical information.”
What is different between the EVCA/BVCA Reporting Guidelines (and ILPA Reporting Guidelines), on one hand, and the IPEV IRGs, on the other hand, is that there were templates provided in the former and funds tend to closely follow them to the extent that they stick “to the letter” to them, while in the IPEV Reporting Guideline there aren’t any templates, although the IPEV Board promised to make examples available on their website, for guidance, so you may need a little bit of more help to design your own templates taking into consideration the specifics of your fund(s) and that is where PEAI can help you better do that.