"Our mission is to help fund accountants better understand the private equity industry in order to work in a seamless manner with GPs and LPs and consistently exceed their expectations"
PE Accounting Insights

Private Equity Accounting Training Courses

The Private Equity Accounting course is the first comprehensive course on all aspects of PE accounting. The course starts with an “Introduction to Private Equity for Accountants” session with useful explanations on the PE fund mechanics, types of funds, PE fund structures, some relevant tax and legal considerations, explanation of the important clauses of the LPA and then takes you through all the accounting processes over the life of a private equity fund.

  • Introduction to Private Equity, PE Fund Structures and LPAs
  • Initial, Subsequent and Final Closings
  • Drawdowns and Distributions
  • Equalisations and Rebalancing
  • Partner Transfers
  • Investments and Investment Revaluations
  • Private Equity Valuations for Accountants
  • Management Fee versus Priority Profit Share (PPS)/General Partners Share (GPS)/General Partner Priority Profit Share (GPPS)
  • Carried Interest
  • Performance measurement – IRRs and other performance metrics (PIC, DPI, RVPI and TVPI)

We run two different versions of that course: