"Our mission is to help fund accountants better understand the private equity industry in order to work in a seamless manner with GPs and LPs and consistently exceed their expectations"
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Exclusive Corporate Platinum Membership

Exclusive Corporate Platinum Membership

Price: ₤60,000.00

Our Exclusive Corporate Platinum Subscription is the standardised equivalent of our Complete Technical & Training Solution service suitable for fund administrators and large PE houses with many fund accountants, particularly useful for organisations with high staff turnover. If you have a large team of accountants and you do not have an in-house Technical & Training department, we can take care of all the aspects of their technical training and servicing from training all your new joiners, so that you do not need to employ expensive trained within the industry fund accountants – we can make them for your, we can also deliver on-going technical training to your existing staff, so that you can have a cutting edge competitive advantage over your competitors, keeping them up-to date with all the industry, regulatory and accounting & investor reporting developments, dealing with specific technical queries on a daily basis and advising you on more complex accounting and reporting issues and providing you with a copy of all our new hot off the press specialist publications.

This membership can replace your whole Technical & Training department of highly trained highly-priced senior technical fund accountants and trainers with a cost-effective outsourced solution.

Services covered by that membership:

  • · Quarterly in-house updates delivered to your accountants (1 session per quarter in your premises)
  • · Monthly standardised training for new-joiners (monthly delivery of 8 standardised training sessions covering all major aspects of PE accounting to an unlimited number of attendees delivered in your premises)
  • · Ongoing training for existing staff depending on your specific needs (1 per month to an unlimited number of attendees in your premises)
  • · Dealing with technical queries (1 query per day or approximately 260 queries for the subscription period)
  • · FREE access to all PEAI training courses with internal and external speakers (for 2 delegates per subscription, 1 attendance for repeated courses)
  • · FREE access to all publications (1 copy of each per subscription)
  • · FREE subscription to PEAI Private Equity Accounting International quarterly magazine (with the value of £248.89)
  • · FREE access to PEAI Private Equity Accounting Club quarterly events (for 2 delegates per subscription)
  • · FREE access to all PEAI networking events (for 2 delegates per subscription)
  • · Additional bespoke services agreed

*EXCLUSIVE CORPORATE PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP available to all jurisdictions* - Out-of-pocket expenses (incl. travel) are charged in addition to the membership fee.
Annual Subscription Fee: £60,000.00 (also available in 12 monthly instalments of £5,000 each)

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Who should attend?

  • Senior Fund Accountant
  • Senior Private Equity Professional - Accounting Background
  • Senior Private Equity Professional - Non-accounting Background
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