"Our mission is to help fund accountants better understand the private equity industry in order to work in a seamless manner with GPs and LPs and consistently exceed their expectations"
Private Equity Accounting Book

Private Equity Accounting is the first comprehensive guide on private equity accounting.

The book provides theoretical explanations, practical examples and valuable comments from experienced professionals on the following topics:
  • Carried Interest
  • Management Fee vs. Priority Profit Share (PPS)
  • Drawdowns and Distributions
  • Equalisation and Rebalancing
  • Partner Transfers
  • Investments
  • Valuations by David L. Larsen, Duff & Phelps LLC
  • Consolidation by Angela Crawford-Ingle, Ambre Partners Limited
  • Performance Measurement (IRRs and other performance metrics) by Alistair Hamilton, Inflexion Private Equity Partners LLP
  • The auditor’s perspective by Nat Harper, KMPG Private Equity

In addition, the book will help you in:

  • Understanding private equity as an asset class and how it works
  • Dealing with LPAs
  • Understanding different fund structures
  • Understanding the private equity fund lifecycle
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