"Our mission is to help fund accountants better understand the private equity industry in order to work in a seamless manner with GPs and LPs and consistently exceed their expectations"
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Online PE Accounting Training

Online PE Accounting Training

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The PEAI Online PE Accounting Training is a new product to be available to student members from Q1 2013.
The product includes:

  • A unique ID and password for personalised 24/7 online access to the PEAI study resources
  • Series of lessons, designed in a modular format, on various industry specific accounting topics prepared by experienced industry experts and accountants
  • Practical exercises to each module with answers provided
  • Robust testing with an accurate scoring system of your newly acquired knowledge for each module
  • Certificates for each module and a full certificate for the successful completion of the whole cours

The PE Accounting Training could be used by private equity houses, fund administrators and other organisations not only as a learning resource, but also to test the knowledge and skills of your staff. The accurate scoring system will provide employers with a good quantitative measurement to be incorporated in performance measurement reviews in setting targets for different categories of employees with different levels of skills.

The PE Accounting Training could also be used by individual fund accountants as a learning tool and the full certificate for the completion of the whole course could be presented to employers/potential employers as a proof of the level of knowledge/skills you possess.

Discounts could be provided for corporate (multiple) purchases.